A real foodie always awaits an excuse to eat outside. So even though I am single and never really cared about Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t let the occasion go waste. I was joined by two friends. Motivated by my urge to write another article I wanted to try a new place and a new type of cuisine. Only this time it had to be reasonably priced and hopefully not too crowded. Was I asking for too much? Not really, Fresc Co was the ideal place.

Fresc Co specializes in Mediterranean-Italian cuisines and not French as I had initially expected after reading the name! As soon as you enter, the place instantly makes you feel nice. Blue, green & white interiors are beautiful. The ambience was calm too. Even though it was full there was no hustle. Luckily we got the couch. The cushions were soft and very well designed to sit comfortably. They even have side pillows for those who need that extra comfort.

We decided to try the buffet. Being a European cuisine specialist, there were many varieties of salads and toppings both veg and non-veg. By the time I tried each of them and get the combination of toppings right I was quite full. Great start but sadly they couldn’t carry it on, to the main course.

The main course was not as extensive. One dish each of chicken, fish & cottage cheese. I was absolutely ok with the lack of variety but even they had flaws. The garlic-mash lacked enough flavor, chicken was cooked well but was way too bland and to top it all, rice was slightly undercooked. I was unhappy and would’ve continued to be so had it not been for the fish. It was one of the most awesome fish and shrimp gravy I had ever tasted. Since I am big on sea food, this one single dish made my day.

And finally my last sweet regret is that I could not exploit the desserts, since I hogged too much on salads and fish. Macaroon, cake, mousse, pie, pastry, custard and ice-cream! You just cannot ask for more. No matter what, if at the end of the meal you really want to eat more and your stomach doesn’t allow, you will like the place. I like to call it, the perfect ending.

Overall experience – Good! (you can try it). If you want to have a nice meal with someone close, sit for long, eat slowly and talk a lot, try Fresc Co. At approximately Rs. 800/person without drinks, I wouldn’t like to call it expensive because for me it’s not just food, ambience also counts.

Shortcomings – we were not given any menu which had the list of items, so if you are not observant enough you might miss a few of them.