Not romantic at all or a believer in love yet an SRK faithful. How and why is a discussion for another day. Its fitting that my first review is an SRK starrer.

Don 2 ( Action; Suspense )

Story – Good;  Predictable but not boring.

Cinematography – Good;  By bollywood standards.

Music – Decent;  Lacks the punch of first part.

Acting – Others – Decent.  SRK – Good; I paid to watch Don-isms, got heaps of it.

Go if – you like SRK, one-on-one fight scenes are good, Costumes.

Not if – you don’t like SRK, you’ll compare it with MI-4.

Verdict – Good; Do watch it (you wont regret). Farhan tried to present a bollywood story in hollywood style and did it very well.