Recently, a dear friend said few words as a joke, which I felt were harsh. My first reaction was rage and denial. All jokes have an inspiration and my friend is definitely entitled to have an opinion. So maybe there was some truth. This realization made me think about it. I was hurt but more importantly I became aware of a habit which needed reconsideration.

Even the most rigid people, like me, sometimes adopt a new habit spontaneously. That’s the beauty of Right words. You need to hear it only once. What follows is a well-coordinated chain reaction rising from an impulse and leading to content.

Convincing yourself that a habit needs changing is the tough part. After that it’s like hitting the reset button! Do not think of it as a sign of weakness. I did exactly that and it gives me a sense of achievement. We all know how awesome that feeling is, don’t we?

To discover one’s self and improve, is a never ending process. We learn something every day. With awareness (or even subconsciously) we use this knowledge when required. You may disagree but Change happens. Don’t try to stop it, make it good.

Only stones deserve to be rigid, under pressure they break. We are special, under pressure we mould.

Till then, Keep Rangling!