The most ideal critic of a re-make is someone who has not seen the original. Even then it was boring. I respect Hrithik as an actor and person. If not for him I would’ve never gone for it.

Agneepath (2012) ( Action )

Story – Bad; An old typical bollywood script.

Cinematography – Decent; Only because of Mandwa shots, else okay.

Music – Okay; Again only because of one song, else bad.

Acting – Overall – Decent. Hrithik – Great and Sanjay – Good; Their efforts fail to save the movie.

Go for – Hrithik only.

Not for – Everything else. Even the action scenes are boring.

Verdict – Okay; Could miss it (unless feel strongly for Hrithik). The movie drags way too much to keep you interested. Very poor and insincere direction.