Hello Dear Reader,

You must have read many blogs before this. Some were extremely interesting, while few others, were probably not quite there yet. Keeping this in mind I thought of writing a small introduction, telling you, what AniRangle (my very first blog) is all about.

It is ironical that despite being the longest resource available, Time, is always short of supply, to almost everyone. So you can expect my blog also to be short, simple, straight-forward & focused. The way I like things to be.

I am not a natural writer, nor do I read much. My language is unpolished and my vocabulary, basic. And yet, I expect an audience! Why?

Because I have an opinion, on almost everything. I also like to be heard, very much like everybody else. And blogging is a place where you are free to say anything and be completely honest.

There will be a range of topics I will attempt to share and discuss. Hope you like it and give feedback.

Till then, Keep Rangling!