Under Mined it section are my reviews of movies.

Most of the reviews (except IMDb) are bogus.  They either give false ratings, thanks to producers bribe or their language is unnecessarily extravagant. Also their opinions at time seem biased.

Why do we go for movies? One word – ‘Entertainment’ (not stolen from Dirty Picture). Whatever your taste is, horror, animation, movies-that-make-you-think etc. you should feel satisfied that you got it. There is no point in going for a romantic movie which does not make you cry or a thriller which fails to send a chill down your spine. Also it is stupid to go for an action flick and complain the stunt was impossible. You’ll get served what you paid for, whether or not it was entertaining that is the question!

I go for selected movies. Shortage of time and value for money are the two main reasons. With ticket prices so steep, I try to make sure its money well spent. My reviews will be concise and to the point.

Written below is my rating –

Bad                         0                 Do not watch (even if free)

Okay                       *                 Could miss it (unless feel strongly)

Decent                   * *                Can watch (one time sake)

Good                     * * *              Do watch (you wont regret)

Great                    * * * *            Must watch (money’s full worth)

Awesome             * * * * *          Don’t miss it (come what may)

Hope you enjoy my reviews, do give your feedback.

Till then, Keep Rangling!